Channel letters are one of the most popular types of exterior signage used today. Very readable, very visible and highly effective in marking a location, channel letter signage is among the most widely used exterior building signage.

To make your channel letters work for you, there are 7 questions to answer.

Channel Letter

1. What size letters should be used?

The landlord may provide general guidelines for signage in the sign addendum portion of the lease. The specifics for signage are dictated by the sign code of the local municipality. That sign code can usually be found on the municipality website.

2. What font style should be used?

The most commonly used font is a standard block style, such as Times Roman, Avant Garde, or Futura. Since you want your location to be easily seen and easily found, the key is “readability”. While a script font might look great on a business card, it is usually more difficult to read when used on exterior channel letters.

3. Neon vs. LED?

Neon has been the lighting of choice in channel letters, but LED has overcome that lead in the last several years. The cost of electricity to power an LED sign and big improvements in LED reliability and life expectancy have all contributed to more and more sign companies recommending LED.

4. What face color?

White and red are the most popular choices. You can customize and “dress up” the sign by applying translucent vinyl in a variety of colors.

5. What color sides, or returns?

Common colors used here are black or bronze. Again, customize and differentiate by using other colors.

6. What color trim cap?

The trim cap is used to fasten and hold the sign to the shaped letter. Use the trim cap to customize and give contrast that will make the sign more readable.

7. How to attach the sign to the wall?

Most channel letters are installed using a raceway. This is usually an aluminum cabinet that the each letter is attached to and the wiring and the transformers are housed in. It’s the raceway that is then attached to the wall. The other common method is direct mount or flush mount. Using this method, each letter is attached to the wall individually, and the wiring and the transformer are installed behind the wall. Direct mount is a cleaner appearance, but has a much higher installation cost.


Raceway Mounted

Raceway Mounted

The most common type is Standard Channel Letters. These letters are made up of a U-channel base, with colored Plexiglas faces.

Individual Mounted

Individually Mounted


Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters are ones that have metal faces and returns (sides of letters) but have a clear plastic backing. These letters are designed to be mounted an inch or two away from the wall. At night, these letters create a halo-lit effect.

Halo-Lit Channel Letters


Open Faced Channel Letters

Channel Letters is one with ‘open’ faces. Though not actually open, the faces of these letters are clear plastic with the balance of the letters built just like Standard Channel Letters. This allows for the raw neon to be seen, as well as the inside of the U-channel letterform itself. Open Face Channel Letters are very effective for aggressively grabbing attention

Open Face Channel Letters


Cloud Signs

Cloud Signs: Cloud Signs are custom shaped signs and custom plastic signs allow our clients to maintain their logo shapes to more exacting details than conventional manufacturing methods. Cloud signs are a favorite of retailers and restaurants, but they can make effective signage in any light, day or night!

Cloud Sign Cloud SignCloud

Cloud Sign Construction Process

From Start to Finish, A Custom Shaped Channel, Completed with a full digital print with Lamination on top.


photo 1

Step One:

.040 Aluminum Can Bent to Custom Shape, then Clinched in the .040 Aluminum Backer to make a complete “box.”


Step Two:

All Energy Efficient High Output LED strips throughout the can.

photo 2
photo 3

Step Three:

It’s Time to Apply the Full Digital Print with Lamination to the 3/16th” White Acrylic Face using a custom applicator.

Step Four:

Add 1″ Black Trim Cap along the outer edge of the acrylic face. This is what will hold the face to the can. Pop in a few screws and you’ve got a completed sign.

photo 4
photo 5

Step Five:

Installation! This particular sign is flush mounted directly to the fascia of the building and wired up. The Sign is Complete, and we have ourselves another satisfied customer! Great Job ASL Signs!


Channel Letter Construction

Channel Letter Machine Channel LettersChannel Letter Installation


 Cloud Sign Fabrication

Fabrication Fabrication