Replace your changeable copy board with a LED Gas Price displays. Travelers can see the highly visible LED digits from a long distance, and you can instantly update fuel prices.

Night Time Gas LED Kangaroo Sign

Gas Station Install After Shell Sign After Mobil Sign



  • Prices are continuously and correctly displayed
  • Prices can be changed from the store or headquarters
  • Instant updates and feedback lets you know prices have been updated
  • Sizes and configurations for any display application; canopy, monument, high-rise, and custom design
  • Customer Service and Technical Support available 24 hours a day, everyday


  • Numeral sizes available from 8″ to 86″ in Red, Green, and Amber colors
  • Industry exclusive 15-segment font and patented metal hoods provide superior readability
  • Product Panel is internally illuminated for best nighttime readability
  • Custom cabinet color options to complement unique brand image

Gas pricers LED Gas Pricer