ASL  Signs is equipped with a full fleet of service vehicles to handle all types of sign and awning installations as well as service calls.

Our expert installers perform an important job in the process; they ensure that your signs are safely and properly installed, so that people can see your message.
  • We offer the Best Service Rates in the area. Your sign is the first thing your customers see, let us help you make sure they get the right impression from the start.
  • Some people wrongly believe the installing and repairing of signs is an easy job. Professional contracting demands a substantial level of knowledge and craftsmanship. We are a fully licensed & Insured Sign and can supply the tools necessary to repair and install all of your sign work.
  • Sign service and installation are a large part of our business. Not only do we install what we build but we also install signs for companies that do not have the capabilities to install their own work. Many major national corporations also trust us to handle the work when they move or open locations throughout South Carolina. They know we understand the importance of a perfect installation as a finishing touch on any sign project.
  • High Rise Hotel, Motel and Condo Sign Repair and Refurbishment
  • ASL Services now offers services for all the high rise hotels and condos! ASL was called in to service neon 160 ft. in the air. We were able to go in, service the sign, and Repair all in one day. This cut down on costs tremendously for the Patricia Grand. Now the sign is fully functional and exposed for the upcoming high season here in Myrtle Beach. No sign is out of reach for ASL!
  • ​Parking Lot Lighting and Maintenance

Installing Wild Mane Hair Salon

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